which makes the LED display being applied by more users and more fields.

       which makes the LED display being applied by more users and more fields

      Shenzhen Luxon LED, a reliable LED screen provider, released professional outdoor LED display and indoor LED display. All these products include LED screen for stage, LED rental solutions etc. to offer the professional LED application for users, such as in the field of advertisements, transportation, healthcare, education and sports.

       At present, with the development of urbanization and commercial economy, the application of the advertising market is growing. While led display are the carrier of dynamic advertising and get increasingly popular in the market, which makes the LED display being applied by more users and more fields.

LED display applied in transportation

       As traffic congestion and security threats continue to increase, effective monitoring and overall control are critical to transportation. The only way which can be applied to avoid confusion is the data collection, monitoring and planning, which poses a serious challenge to the monitoring center. Therefore, there is a higher demand for every aspect of the visualization system, especially the display screen. My choice LED display allows for fast dispatch of emergency response vehicles, predicting traffic delays and transferring traffic to alternate routes more efficiently.


LED display applied in Education

     Digitization has been increasingly applied in the field of education. Shenzhen luxon LED, as a reliable supplier, offering a wide range of LED logos and information displays to make the communication in education become more sensible, timely and easy.


LED display applied in Sports

     Shenzhen luxon LED designs LED display for sports competitions will provide the best experience for fans to enjoy the amazing sports events. We take state-of-the-art, innovative and versatile technology to offer the perfect combination of entertainment among online, mobile or social platforms. LED screens for sports are currently applied in gyms or league teams, scoreboards and advertising solutions.

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