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  • Luxon Small pitch display Smurfs P1.9鈥斺擜ssist in smart transportation construction

Luxon Small pitch display Smurfs P1.9鈥斺擜ssist in smart transportation construction

luxon small pitch display smurfs P19鈥?assist in smart transportation construction

        After Luxon Optoelectronics Smurfs P1.9 Small Pitch LED Display Settled in Sibaoshan, High-tech Zone, Zibo City , and Weigu Police Stations, which had been carrying a major mission of public security monitoring, commanding and dispatching, Luxon again assisted Huichang County Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Command Center, leading in advancing the construction of "Smart Transport".


       In order to improve the Huichang County Public Security Traffic Command Center, Luxon Optoelectronics actively proposes targeted display solutions for Small Pitch control rooms that can be applied to smart transportation. As a window of Urban Traffic Command Center to get outside information, Luxon Small Pitch LED Display Provides Full-time, All-round 鈥楶rotection & Escort鈥?for Traffic Command Center, which is a bridge for human-computer interaction and communication.

       The traditional DLP rear projection is gradually being replaced by the newly favored small-pitch LED display due to problems such as limited brightness, limited viewing angle, limited light path, and seam problems.

       Luxon Optoelectronics Smurfs P1.9 has mature application advantages, with adjustable brightness, suitable for a variety of complex application environments, gray scale and high contrast, true and natural quality, good color reproduction, wide color gamut, wide viewing angle range, High refresh response speed, intuitive, complete, accurate and clear display of information from all aspects, which is convenient to make correct command and decision in time, realizing the purpose of real-time monitoring, centralized command, and unified control. Smurfs P1.9 is streamline, Light and thin, Seamless stitching, without limit of size, which has been widely used in security monitoring, scheduling command, radio and television studios, exhibitions, video conferencing , indoor venues and other areas, perfectly replace the traditional DLP splicing display market.

In the future, Luxon Optoelectronics will continue to independently innovate in research and development, push small pitch products to international specialization, server Global City Smart Transportation Construction and create a beautiful living environment for humanity!

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