Luxon helps ”Chinese poetry conference” shine smoothly

Luxon helps ”Chinese poetry conference” shine smoothly


       CCTV science and education channel launched a large-scale cultural studio program knowledge contest. “Chinese poetry conference” to 360 artistic conception to build the studio, let poetry alive in the studio, the program is used by luxon led full color P3.9 HD display carbon fiber series, to the “Chinese poetry conference” add the poetic picture of traditional culture, so that contestants give for play to their wisdom and talent to compete for the change hegemony. The first quarter of “Chinese poetry conference” program plans to broadcast ten sets, will be a set of CCTV and ten sets of prime-time launch.


       Luxon carbon fiber series P3.9 meet the needs of modern stage use. Its thickness is 49mm and it weighs 3.5KG. The ultra-light-and-slim body and the humanized design offer great convenience for installation, the P3.9 carbon fiber series has also been adopted in such CCTV programs as Memories of the Spring Festival Gala, and moving China, Chinese sports figures and so on.

      With the development of led display applications, Luxon new products continue introduce new. to meet customer needs, is the best choice for customers.

      Luxon take part in the CCTV spring festival gala for six consecutive years. after transformation, led screens were applied in every area of the stage for this Spring Festival Gala for the first time. The main screen and its surrounding ones, which are totally about 1500sqm, are all shaped by luxon’s P3 carbon fiber cabinets. Luxon carbon fiber series P3 only 3.5kg per panel weight, the thinnest cabinet design and the handy structure design bring a big convenience on installation and lower the load-bearing of stage, meanwile, its meets the variety on stage design,

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