Luxon create the "Luxury 2018 World Cup" with CCTV 5 to live wonderful events

Luxon create the "Luxury 2018 World Cup" with CCTV 5 to live wonderful events


       The World Cup is a carnival for fans in this summer. Although China's failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, it can鈥檛 stop the enthusiasm of Chinese fans to the competition. CCTV 5 create a new 鈥渓uxury the World Cup in Russia鈥?with Dazu Luxon, which use the combination of the LED HD screen, stars and the famous mouth, it will give the great effect to the audience.


        "Grand banquet" is different from the previous large-scale sports events. Many entertainment  have been added to the program. Therefore, the whole live hall adopts the stage design style, and every aspects are decorated with Dazu luxon LED display ultra-thin carbon fiber P3.9 and small pitch products. With the performance of ultra-thin carbon fiber P3.9, hanging and surrounding the stage, it can be used as atmosphere screen independent and in any combination.


         Studio center LED products using up the Luxon LED small pitch, which is required by the highest standard of live TV. ultra-high resolution and seamless has a perfect effect, The picture is exquisite, realistic and natural. Fans can enjoy every moment of the event, just like go to the site personally.

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