Luoxn takes part in the CCTV spring festival gala for five consecutive years

Luoxn takes part in the CCTV spring festival gala for five consecutive years


      The high-profile CCTV Spring Festival Gala: Year of the Monkey concluded with perfect ending on 7 Feb 2016. In this visual feast, Luxon once again became the main visual system supplier providing LED background display for the Spring Festival Gala. The successful holding of the gala has been ensured by Luxon鈥檚 products with quality picture and stable performance, welcoming the year of the monkey together with 1.3 billion Chinese all over the world. Before you know it, 2016 has become the fifth year when Luoxn cooperates with CCTV.


      This year鈥檚 gala still sticks o the principle of holding Spring Festival Gala economically, which takes into consideration both performance and cost. One main screen and six pillar screens are used as the solution for the displaying area of the stage. Equipment of the former years has been reused as the main screen while the six pillars on both sides were installed with brand new screens. After adjusting and testing, the old and new screens reached high consistency, bringing out the best in each other.


      Both the main screen and six pillar screens come from Luxon. The main screen is P3.75, and this 480*480mm die-cast product has been serving in CCTV for 4 years. After being adjusted and tested, its performance was as good as the new one鈥檚. The pillar screen is made up of the P3.9 carbon fiber series which is 500*500mm. Its thickness is 49mm and it weighs 3.5KG. The ultra-light-and-slim body and the humanized design offer great convenience for installation, reduce the load of the stage, and meet the needs of stage鈥檚 being diversified. Besides the Spring Festival Gala stage, the P3.9 carbon fiber series has also been adopted in such CCTV programs as Memories of the Spring Festival Gala, and Countdown of the Spring Festival Gala, with a total area to be 550 銕?/span>. In this year鈥檚 gala, the central floor has been destructed to many retangular LED screens which can be moved upward and donwward at any height and are very eye-catching. Apart from that, the curtain LED displays on both sides of the stage and the colorful cubic LED displays hung over the audience are all very attractive, combining with the main screen to achieve the harmony and uniform effect.

      During the past five yeas of cooperation, Luxon kept improving its product performance so as to bring gorgeous visual experience to the viewers of the CCTV programs. Luxon has a long term relationship with the broadcasting industry and continues to be committed to the innovation and promotion of visual technology, aimed at bringing more diversified and stabler solutions to the broadcasting industry. Last but not lest, Luoxn wishes everyone good health and good wealth in the year of the monkey.

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