Luxon smurfs series Led Display Shines At Polish studio

      Luxon smurfs series Led Display Shines At Polish studio

      LUXON LED display lighted up another TV Studio again!! Because of luxon led display , Polish Studio changed into a more professional and higher efficient broadcasting room. creating a brilliant visual performance for audiences.

       When splicing into a large-screen display in broadcasting room, some requirements must be ensured, such as bezel-free, no reflection, good color performance, high grey scale at low brightness, high refresh rate, etc. DLP splicing video wall had seams of 1mm. It looked like that display was divided into many screens instead of a whole display. DLP splicing video wall also had issues in low contrast ratio, narrow color range and reflection. On the contrary, LED display solved those issues.


     Compared to traditional DLP splicing display, luxon smurfs series LED display had great advantages in seam-less, color image, brightness, viewing angle, lifespan, etc. The advantage of P2.5 is the elimination of visual flaw brought by seam lines on splicing large-screen display. It featured wide color range, adjustable color temperature, and true color image. Its fan-less design ensured a quiet environment. After comparing luxon smurfs series with traditional DLP products, our customer selected luxon smurfs series in their latest broadcasting room. And they surprising found out that luxon smurfs series perfectly replaced traditional DLP display without changing original control system. So it saved money for our customers.

      luxon small pixel pitch LED displays had a wide application in broadcasting rooms, such as Thai TV station, Italian G3 tv station, CCTV financial and so on.

      Luxon is looking forward to meeting you at another TV Studio again.

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