LED display moisture-proof and waterproof method

LED display moisture-proof and waterproof method

       The LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor, the indoor LED display needs to be protected from moisture锛?/span> and the outdoor display not only needs moisture protection, but also waterproof. If you do not take measures to prevent the LED display from water and moisture, it is very easy to cause a short circuit in the display, which may even cause a fire. Therefore, in this season when rainstorms are faster than flipping books, waterproof and moisture-proof are essential tasks for LED displays.

        How to make the LED display moisture-proof and waterproof?

For indoor displays, the first is moderate ventilation. Moderate ventilation can help the moisture attached to the display to evaporate quickly, reducing the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, avoid ventilating in some windless and humid air, which will increase the indoor humidity; Secondly, put a desiccant inside, and use physical moisture absorption to reduce moisture in the air; Or turn on the air conditioner for dehumidification. If an air conditioner is installed in the space where the display is installed, the air conditioner can be turned on in humid weather for dehumidification.


       The environment in which the outdoor LED display itself is located is more complicated than indoors, and the indoor moisture-proof method can be adopted, Not only must we consider the problem of outdoor dampness, but also do routine maintenance work such as outdoor screen waterproofing, especially during the rainy season. A good seal installation can help the display reduce the risk of water ingress. And regularly cleaning the dust attached to the inside and outside of the display can also help the display to dissipate heat and reduce the adhesion of water vapor.

        At the same time, too high humidity will cause the LED board's PCB board, power supply, power line and other components to be oxidized and corroded, resulting in malfunction. Therefore, this requires us to do anti-corrosion treatment for the PCB board when making the LED display. For example, the surface is painted with three anti-paints, and the power supply and power cord should be made of high-quality accessories. The weld is the most vulnerable place to be protected. It is especially important to note that the frame is very susceptible to rust and it is best to do rust protection.

       Finally, whether it is an indoor screen or an outdoor screen, the most effective way to avoid moisture damage to the display function is to use it frequently. The display itself in the work generates some heat that evaporates some of the water vapor, which greatly reduces the possibility of moisture causing a short circuit. Therefore, humidity effects are much smaller for frequently used displays than for less frequently used displays.

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