Led display makes the stage more colorful

Led display makes the stage more colorful


      In recent years, with the rapid development of LED display technology, the technologies in color, high-definition and stitching technology of large scale are becoming more and more mature.



      In all types of concerts, evening shows, performances, we can't miss the 

appearance of LED screen. And what makes LED screen so attractive? What is the 

charm of LED screen?

     1.  Brilliant background, help performance

      In the past, the curtain was widely used in the stage and this curtain is static, can show a limited scene. Until then, led display appears, this situation has been changed. Led stage screen used to a certain stage, its function more perfect, played a more prominent role on the stage, not only as a stage background, its flexible images and programs side by side, to bring the audience a lot of beautiful feelings.

      2. LED display screen clearer, more stable performance.

      LED display screen clearer, more stable performance. You can achieve more flexible scene change, you can instantly switch the screen; can be achieved through technical means of any display, the display clear, rich content, the effect is realistic. Not only to the audience to bring the United States to enjoy, but also more amateur acting out superb.
      Luxon鈥檚 led display has gained many successful achievements, such as the well-known CCTV Spring Festival Gala, CCTV business channel, Beijing intermediate people鈥檚 court, and Harvard Business School.

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