How Luxon helps ensure safety in the city of Sanming, Fujian

How Luxon helps ensure safety in the city of Sanming, Fujian

       When it comes ensuring safety in Sanming, LUXON has an increasingly important role to play. The traffic control center and control center of a public utilities company has been equipped with LUXON led video wall for some time now.

       In recent years, with the continuous progress of technology, the application of small pixel pitch LED display has been widely developed and it is becoming the new favorite of large screen display in smart traffic monitoring and command center, because of its seamless splicing, wide color gamut, low energy consumption, long life span and many other features, etc. In the circumstance of accelerating the construction of smart city and transportation, the traffic monitoring and command center is the core of smart transportation, the demand for visualization of road monitoring and related information is extremely urgent.  And high-definition large screen can not only take preventive measures in providing real-time traffic accurately, but also provide a valuable basis for investigation and evidence in the future.


       LCD鈥橲 can鈥檛 handle brightness and size, DLPS are too bulky and expensive, now, small pixel pitch led display is your best choice. The following is its advantages.

      The screen adopts the self-packaged black SMD1514 LED. As a time-honored LED encapsulation manufacturer, Luxon has abundant ecapsulating know-how and expertise. In terms of material selection, components of domestic or world famous brands are chosen to guarantee the LED reliability. In the aspect of product performance design, low power consumption under low voltage mode makes product temperature 10 degree lower than the traditional ones鈥? which greatly improve product reliability. As to the product exterior design, the all new die-casting cabinet features aesthetics, lightness and slimness, great for fast installation of various screen size.

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