Amiphibious chariot— SMD P3.9 LED display by Luxon

  As everyone knows, if the outdoor damp is affected, the indoor monitor will be scrapped.

  At the same time, due to large pixel pitches, traditional outdoor displays cannot exhibit high resolution indoors.

Lease companies that purchase both indoor and outdoor displays will greatly increase operating costs.

  The market needs a combination of waterproof and ultra-high brightness, as well as a combination of high-definition and high-gray levels at low brightness. On this basis, Luxon spent three years developing the Rainbow Chariot - Rainbow Series outdoor SMD P3.9 display.



                                        Rainbow series outdoor P3.9

  Compared with the traditional outdoor rental display, Rainbow P3.9 uses SMD2022 light-emitting diodes, high pixel density, even if the viewing distance is short, the audience can see clearly.



                                                                2022 LED

  The product is virtually perfect in appearance and structural design. With UHD, ultra-thin, ultra-light, and quick assembly, it has been hit hard once it is launched.

  By improving message delivery and user experience, product usage will be greatly increased, and cost recovery time will also be shortened. Applications include indoor and outdoor advertising, stage rentals, government projects, etc.


  Luxon is committed to providing outdoor LED display with finer, higher resolution, higher reliability and higher cost performance

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