3000㎡ LED screen light up on the Jiangsu TV studio

3000 LED screen light up on the Jiangsu TV studio

        In the recent years, Luxon LED display has been widely used in television studios. LED display can change different scenes to match the program based on the content of the program, which makes LED display an important part of the program. Jiangsu TV uses Luxon indoor LED display to create stage effects for all kinds of program. The stage effect of LED display muti-media is used to the extreme. The program mainly shows the characteristics like colorful and spectacular stage effects, strong visual impact and flexible combination, Luxon LED display becomes necessary technical equipment for Jiangsu TV variety shows. Luxon indoor P3.9 LED display (Rainbow series) is used in Jiangsu TV live room, it has perfect display effects and exquisite appearance. Due to its front-maintenance, easy installation meets the needs of the background of the studios.   



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